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   Because of the importance of architecture and urban planning at national and international levels and the rich and ancient history of the arts in western Iran, especially in Kurdistan, the University of Kurdistan launched programmes in the aforementioned fields in the early years of its establishment as a university. The University of Kurdistan commenced offering degree programmes in Architecture and Urban Planning in 1999 and 2005, respectively. 
These two departments were initially part of the Faculty of Engineering but in 2012 became part of the newly established Faculty of Art and Architecture. In light of its expansion and development plans, the Faculty of Art and Architecture is in the process of establishing degree programmes in Graphic Design as well as aiming to offer its existing degree programmes at PhD level in the not so distant future.
The newly established Department of Music began accepting students in the academic year 2016/2017. In total, the faculty currently has three departments:
   The Faculty of Art & Architecture has 15 full-time academic staff and numerous part-time staff with a total student population of 300.    
   The Faculty of Art and Architecture’s current building has been built on 4600 square meters of land. In addition to administrative spaces, faculty members’ and departmental heads’ rooms, the present building has 6 drawing and design studios and workshops, computer centre, materials and construction workshop, 2 classes for postgraduate students, 4 classes for undergraduate students, thesis defense hall, one large conference hall and a special exhibition hall for displaying artwork.
It is part of the university’s construction plans to build phases 2 and 3 of the faculty which comprises of a space of 4000 square meters.
Faculty of Art & Architecture List of Degree Programmes
Department Degree Programme BA/BSc MA/MSc PhD
Architecture Architecture  
Urban Development Urban Development    
Urban & Regional Planning    
Urban Design    
Music Iranian Music